SRKW, as Lead Counsel, has overseen two important developments in the price-fixing class action against makers of traditional blood reagent products. First, U.S. District Court Judge Jan E. DuBois, in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, has certified a nationwide class of direct purchasers, including hospitals and blood banks, who bought blood reagents from defendants Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics, Inc. (a division of Johnson & Johnson) and Immucor, Inc. SRKW has developed evidence to show that defendants engaged in a decade-long conspiracy to fix the prices of traditional blood reagents, which are used to identify, test and screen human blood before it can be used in transfusions. The Court based its certification decision, in part, on the "fact that prices on many [traditional blood reagents] rose by more than 2000% during the class period, that those huge increases occurred very shortly after the alleged collusion began, and that those huge price increases applied to all customers." Second, the Court has just granted final approval to plaintiffs' settlement with Immucor, which includes a $22 million payment and extensive cooperation in the on-going case against Ortho. This settlement ends the case against Immucor.