SRKW involved in providing over $4 million to charities

SRKW has recently proposed that more than $4 million remaining from two settlement funds be given to various charities.

In the on-going In re: Average Wholesale Price ("AWP") litigation, a settlement with Astra Zeneca relating to its drug Zolodex ultimately provided approximately $4 million to be distributed as cy pres. SRKW and its co-counsel proposed, and the Court approved, a distribution to several charities working to help prostate cancer victims. The awards include: $1 million to Zero-The Project to End Prostate Cancer to build and equip a van for mobile prostate cancer screenings; $1.8 million to Cancer Care for transportation services to help cancer patients get to their appointments; $200,000 for the American Cancer Society's Man-To-Man program for education and support of men with prostate cancer; $500,000 for ACS' Health Insurance Assistance Service, which helps patients locate coverage for their cancer treatments; and the remaining funds (estimated to be approximately $500,000) to ACS to help recruit participants for its important new Cancer Prevention Study 3, which will follow 500,000 people over 30 years.

In Moroz v. Burns-Kull, et al., a class of New Jersey car purchasers settled claims against the Burns-Kull dealerships relating to overcharging for theft prevention and window etching services. After significant attempts to encourage all class members to make claims and cash their settlement checks, approximately $73,500 in settlement funds remained. By order of the Court, at the suggestion of SRKW, these funds will be given to the Rutgers-Camden School of Law to help fund its consumer law clinical programs.

The lawyers at SRKW are very pleased that settlement funds can be put to use for these important works.