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Institutional Investors

SRKW works on behalf of institutional investors in the U.S. and abroad. Our clients include state, county and city pension funds, asset managers, union funds and banks, and vary in size from less than $500 million to over $209 billion. Notwithstanding this diversity, we provide tailored services to meet our clients’ individual needs and objectives, and make ourselves available to them wherever they are located.

The services we provide to our institutional investor clients include:

Portfolio Monitoring

We offer a unique and proprietary portfolio monitoring service customized to our clients’ own needs and objectives. Our monitoring is provided on a complimentary basis and offers a “one-stop shop” for securities class actions and corporate governance matters globally, combining electronic identification of relevant actions, conservative yet innovative legal advice and comprehensive claims identification.

Depending on a client’s domicile, we provide the following monitoring options:

Global Monitoring Platform

Global Monitoring PlatformSM
— for U.S. clients

Umbrella Monitoring Platform

Umbrella Monitoring PlatformSM
— for clients outside the U.S.

Securities Litigation

Our institutional clients look to us to evaluate and litigate their securities claims vigorously and to keep them fully informed. Our trial-tested litigation team has a proven record of achieving strong results. We have represented institutional investors in some of the largest securities fraud actions, including Parmalat, Lehman Brothers, Converium/Scor and Royal Dutch Shell.

International Monitoring, Engagement and Litigation

SRKW is the only plaintiffs’ firm with a truly international practice. With affiliated offices around the world and its long-standing relationships with overseas litigation funders and shareholder advocates, the Firm is able to draw on the talents and experience of the key players involved in non-U.S. actions in every major market. This enables us to ensure that our clients’ interests are protected – wherever they are impacted. An American client’s best remedy will not always be in the United States. Likewise, the interests of a UK or Italian client may be better protected in the U.S., Australia, or Latin America. We identify the best forum and then work with our affiliated offices around the world to help ensure our clients' interests are looked after so that they can carry out their fiduciary obligations.

Quarterly Newsletter

We also provide our monitoring clients with The Global Report, our quarterly newsletter focusing on news, trends and developments in investor protection and corporate governance, both in the U.S. and abroad. Click here to subscribe to The Global Report.