A Global Leader in Class Action Protection

Employee Benefits

SRKW has long supported and protected the interests of employee benefit plans and organized labor, representing unions and plans in various landmark cases designed to recover monies and protect workers’ rights. One component of this practice area is providing union benefit funds throughout the U.S. with our Global Monitoring PlatformSM which evaluates our clients’ exposure to corporate fraud and identifies their eligibility to recover monies from securities class actions. We also provide litigation enforcement and advise on labor-friendly governance matters.

Class action litigation can be an important tool in protecting the monies used to provide benefits to working families. These actions provide several advantages for unions and employee benefit funds wanting to attack fraud, waste, exorbitant prices, and other improper conduct which drives up the cost of the benefits provided, or which decreases the value of the fund’s investments. SRKW has frequently represented union benefit plans in securities, antitrust and consumer actions.

SRKW of counsel Ted Lieverman has spent his career working on behalf of labor. He and other SRKW attorneys have been at the forefront of defending the legitimate interest of organized labor and promoting appropriate union-friendly legislation. (Click here to see some of our work on behalf of organized labor.)